Yikes. So much for my promise to write regularly! :S Looks like my last blog entry was in 2011 :P

Well, I have been busy. I haven’t stopped travelling, I haven’t stopped enjoying food … I’ll attempt to dig out some old photos and reminisc a little and put them up as I go. Promise!

In the meantime, here’s a quick update on moi — I’ve completed one semester of a two year part-time MSc Bioinformatics degree. We’ve tried yoga for the first time and attended six introductory lessons … but have now lost the little flexibility we’ve gained over the Christmas break — I can no longer reach my toes once more :(

I can also say that I’ve been gaining approximately 0.5kg every year or so. So that’s quite a lot of kilos since the last blog entry! It’s all been piling up around the arse … and I think I’m still XXS in some clothing brands and XS in some others :B Alas, my favorite pair of skinny jeans have been permanently packed away :(

I’m considered OLD now. Very old. Starting to buy seated tickets in gigs rather than standing … my excuse is I can’t see otherwise :) I’ve started also moisturising regularly. Turning into a shrivelled up old raisin in no time! :(

It’s winter now, so I can’t remember the last time I cycled. I’ve started running … though very very irregularly. And I always end up with a stitch as soon as I start, and sufferring shin splints for a few days afterwards …

I can’t seem to account for most of my lost time. Probably been watching too much Supernatural / Arrow / Grimm / The Flash / American Horror Story / Bones / Mentalist / Orphan Black / etc. And movies. And not to mention, I’ve started the latest Dragon Age (Inquisition) …

I’ve posted my DNA sample to 23andme earlier this evening. Now to wait 4-6 weeks for the results … Should be interesting!

Anyways. Time to chill for the rest of the night!