London could always do with another ramen joint, and Tonkotsu is a worthwhile addition to the ramen “scene”.

Tokyo ramen

Tokyo ramen

So far, we’ve had the Tonkotsu ramen – the broth was rich, but not sickly so, and also the Tokyo ramen, which is usually my favourite option because it’s not as porky. The pork in the Tonkotsu ramen was mouth meltingly tender while the Tokyo ramen had a sweeter soy marinated belly.

I found the Gyoza to be a little too dry and plasticky, however the special at the time, a cod katsu, was very nicely done. I wish it were permanently on the menu.

I’ve never been able to walk away from my meals here without ordering their dessert – 3 ice cream filled mochi! So far I’ve had yuzu, black sesame and chocolate.

I would return to Tonkotsu again, as it’s currently our failsafe ramen joint in London.