Saturday 15th September 2012

We had to head back to Sydney for my sister’s wedding, so we stopped over in Singapore for a couple of nights.

We landed in Changi at around 4pm, so the traffic getting to our hotel wasn’t too bad. And it was still bright out. The Fullerton had a BOGOF sale, so we could afford to stay there :) Our room was larger than our London flat!

Our room at the Fullerton

We had a balcony, but the walls were too high. However if you stepped back you could view the Marina Bay Sands …

In the evening, we walk to Lau Pa Sat, where the satay street was. We forgot which stall was the best one, so we let one of the touts serve us …

Satay at Lau Pa Sat

Otak-otak at Lau Pa Sat

Unfortunately, the satay we had wasn’t that good … we made a mental note to find the right satay stall next time!
When we’d done eating, we found the satay stall that had the most clientelle …

Supposedly the best satay

It happened to be the birthday of the Merlion for the whole week while we were in Singapore, so we were (un)lucky to have heard the birthday jingle and light show several times a day in the evening / night. We could even hear it clearly from our hotel room, which faced the Merlion …

Happy birthday, Merlion!

Happy birthday, Merlion!

Sunday 16th September 2012

We had breakfast at the Fullerton (the spread was ok …) and then decided to go for a walk.

Old and new

We managed to work up *some* appetite, so we decided to seek out the best Hainanese Chicken Rice (supposedly) in Singapore, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, at the Maxwell Food Centre.

After that, we had to work off our over-indulgence …

A temple
A hindu temple

I think we headed to the cinema to cool off after that (can’t remember the movie though!). And then we tried to work up an appetite for dinner by swimming in the infinity pool …

Fullerton's infinity pool

And then it was dinnertime! At Jumbo’s of course …

Monday 17th September 2012

We decided to kill some time before our night flight, by heading to the zoo … which had plenty to keep us entertained for ages! We saw a spider moulting, which was probably the most interesting thing we’ve seen.

A leaf ... frog!
Turtle ride
Naked mole rat
Amorous turtle
White tiger

Feeling hot and sticky, we returned to the Fullerton for a refreshing swim and shower, before grabbing a cab for our night flight to Sydney.